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A simple lightweight library used to retrieve database metadata.

The purpose of this library is the provide an object graph that represents the physical structure of your database .

Whether you are developing an OR mapper, a code generator or any other piece of software that relies of database metadata , this library can help you get started.

  • Provider based – Support for new database systems can easily be implemented
  • No third party dependencies (single assembly)
  • Supports Microsoft Sql Server and MySql



The following example shows how to create a connection to a database and retrieve its metadata.

using (var connection = CreateConnection())


    var tables = connection.GetMetadata().Tables;

    foreach (var table in tables)





Help wanted

In order to provide support for other database systems, help is much appreciated.

If you work with Oracle on a day to day basis, you should be capable of implementing  an Oracle provider to make this library even more useful for others.

Same goes out to anybody with knowledge of other database systems.

Please refer to the documentation for how to implement a custom provider.

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